Tri-M Aquaponics: Sustainable Agriculture

What we do.

We utilize an aquaponics system that integrates an aquaculture system (raising tilapia) and a hydroponic system (growing produce) so that no harmful fertilizer/pesticide/fungicide/ hormones/etc. are needed for us to raise healthy, delicious fresh fish and produce.


All of the water from our tilapia aquaculture system is utilized as organic fertilizer for hydroponic vegetable/fruit/herb production. This type of closed-loop system requires 1/10th of the water needed for field plant production and only a fraction of the water used by other types of aquaculture systems. 

Product availability.

We are currently selling live tilapia fry. Contact for inquiries.

Tilapia Hatchery Video.

Tilapia breeding is an interesting process. A female lays eggs within a structure or sandy bottom, then a male fertilizes the eggs. Once fertilized, the female puts the eggs in her mouth and rolls them around  approximately ten days. She does not eat during this time. The fry exit her mouth when hatched, but may return if in danger. The mother has to be separated from the fry within the next few days, because she may start to eat them. Remember, she hasn't eaten for two weeks by this time after all!